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The officers of the Association of Caltex Dealers of the Philippines (ACDPI) welcome you to this website.

Founded in 1983, ACDPI is a non-profit trade association organized to foster goodwill among and promote the interests of all Caltex retailers nationwide. 

Product-margin improvement, operating-cost reduction and petroleum-industry reforms are some of the concerns ACDPI addresses.

ACDPI is recognized by the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) as the organization that represents all Caltex retailers and as the mother organization of all other Caltex retailer associations in the country.

Together with the retailer organizations of Petron and Shell, ACDPI is an active member of the umbrella alliance of petroleum retailers, the Federation of Petroleum Dealers.

Active membership is open to all individuals or corporations operating Caltex retail service stations and convenience stores. The annual membership dues are P1000.

ACDPI publishes the DEALERíS FORUM newsletter which is mailed to all Caltex retailers thrice a year. In addition, members receive regular updates on pertinent issues.

ACDPI also operates an egroup ( through which members share timely information via email messaging. To join the egroup, send an email message to

To find out more about ACDPI, please contact us


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The Association of Caltex Dealers of the Philippines, Inc. uses this site to promote preferred station management practices, share successful dealer marketing strategies and exchange helpful dealer tips.