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Revtex Promo from November 2002 to Jan 2003


Ladies & Gentlemen,


This is just to inform you that we will be coming up with a nationwide end-user promo for Revtex 250 2T from November 4 to January 30, 2002

In the coming days, all depots including Pandacan will be receiving stocks of Revtex 250 2T 1.1 liters and Revtex 250 2T 220 mL bottles.

For the period of 3 months (Nov-Jan), these two products will replace our regular 1 liter and 200mL bottles. While bigger in size and content, the product will retain the price of our regular Revtex 250 2T 1L and 200mL.

Please note that these promo bottles (with 10% more content) will only be released starting November 4, 2002.

Thank you!

Cocoy Chio
Retail Coordinator for Lubricants
Caltex Phils. Inc.


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