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Ellen Liwanag and Ditas Garcia


This column has the goal of introducing and welcoming our new retailers to the Association of Caltex Dealers of the Philippines.


Retailer: Marissa Nombres

Station Name: C-Cube Gasoline Station

Station Address: Regalado Avenue in Fairview, Quezon City


A B.S. Medical Technology graduate from UST, Marissa Nombres has been operating C-Cube Gasoline Station and Convenience Store along Regalado Avenue in Fairview, Quezon City, for 3 months now. A successful insurance underwriter for five years before becoming a retailer, Marissa says of her new undertaking: "mahirap pala!" The station was closed for two months prior to her turn-over and had thus lost customers to competitors. Her husband, Chito, helps out while maintaining his work as an engineer for R2 Builders. These may be difficult times but Marissa finds solace in being able to provide jobs to 15 young people. Itís a comforting thought to take home everyday.



Retailer: Arrow Armena

Station Name: R3 Energy Service Station

Station Address: Sauyo, Novaliches, Q.C.


After 3 Ĺ years of being in charge of developing the Caltex Express Lubes program, Arrow wanted to be an independent entrepreneur while remaining within the Caltex family. That meant operating his own service station, which he has been doing for 1 Ĺ years now - R3 Energy Service Station in Sauyo, Novaliches, Q.C. A young retailer at 29 years of age with a BS Mechanical Engineering degree from UP, he calls his 1 Ĺ years in the business as a learning and challenging experience. His route is an access road, traversed only by private and commercial vehicles. And while his station is the only one on this road, heavy competition comes from stations in Mindanao Avenue and from Fairview. For these reasons, Arrow keeps a tight watch over his stationís volume and finances. But, having increased fuel sales and with service income from the nearby villages, he manages to keep the station on an even keel.



Retailer: Eireen Demetillo

Station Name: ECD Service Station

Station Address: Commonwealth Avenue, Q.C.


A BS Architecture graduate of UST and the younger sister of retailer Dr. Ellen Liwanag, Eireen had occasionally considered becoming a retailer from watching her sisterís flourishing business. In mid-December 2002, the Vice President for Finance of her familyís school (Our Lady of Lourdes College in Valenzuela City) finally found the need to go on her own. She joined the Caltex family and now operates the ECD Service Station along Commonwealth Avenue, in Quezon City.

Eireen was satisfied with how she started: she increased sales and developed a disciplined work force that helped boost the stationís image. Like everyone else, however, she went through hard times Ė the price increases, the series of rollbacks, and the flooding of the station which forced the stationís closure for a day. Eireen realizes the business of petroleum retailing is not that predictable but she continues to go on, helped out by the good working relationship she has forged with her staff.



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