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Tune up and clean the air! This was one of the themes of this year’s Earth Day celebration held on April 22 under the auspices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

A few weeks prior to Earth Day, the DENR invited representatives from emission testing centers and the officers of the Federation of Petroleum Dealers of the Philippines to discuss how best to highlight Earth Day 2003 and the country’s commitment to the environment.

A measure of the Caltex family’s regard for the environment was evident in the positive and rapid response of the Express Lubes Business Unit. While lead time was admittedly short, given the fact that only 10 days were allotted, Paul Familara and his team quickly prepared the mechanics, streamers and information materials for its Earth Day commemoration.

From April 24 – 30, Caltex’s Express Lubes Centers bolstered the Earth Day theme, offering P100 discounts on tune-ups.

"Caltex was the only one that strongly supported the project through the discounts their stations gave," was the comment of Ms Winnie Panga, DENR staff in-charge of the project. "Other oil companies had Earth Day streamers, but it was only Caltex that gave all-out support. We appreciate that."

It was a busy week for the Express Lubes Centers. It was also a week to be proud of.


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