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Ditas A. Garcia


Apart from obtaining some relief with recent amendments to the controversial PPA, Caltex dealers may want to look at two other ways of reducing their electricity bills.


Option One
Downgrade the station's Demand Charge if power consumption is considerably less. This project, which was initiated by the Association, was turned over to CPI for assessment and possible implementation. CPI, having run tests at a pilot site, has found that this option gave the retailer savings of about P5,000.00 a month. This being the case, CPI is now ready to roll out the program. Target sites are new-image stations with no Star Mart.

To know if you qualify, work through the following steps.

1.  If you are a new-image station with a Demand Charge or Guaranteed Minimum Billing Demand (GMBD) fixed at 40 kw and your monthly power consumption is substantially lower than that, you qualify.

An example is the pilot site where Meralco bills ranged from P32,000 to P40,000 monthly, on a power load of typically 12-16 kw while Demand Charge was fixed at the maximum of 40 kw.

2.  Meralco will entertain only applications filed by CPI through Meralco's district offices. CPI, therefore, suggests that applications be done by area. Ask for the help of your Field Manager in identifying other potentially eligible sites in your area. Only when you have compiled the required documents from all eligible stations in the area should you send these to CPI.

3.  Submit photocopies of your 6 latest Meralco billings to CPI for evaluation. Contact person is: 

Reden Garcia of Strategic Asset Management; 

Office #:        8411785; 

Cellphone #:  0917 8346001; and 

Fax #:           8411744. 

Should your station be eligible, CPI will then write Meralco to request for GMBD adjustment.

4.  Provincial stations not serviced by Meralco can inquire from Reden Garcia how they can be helped.


Option Two
The other alternative is the use of capacitors in stations with 3-phase electrical connections. Capacitors can improve the power factor from a value of less than 90% to a highly efficient 95-97%. The savings generated depends on the consumption/load of each site but is typically around P2,000.00 monthly. Efforts are being made to get interested retailers to meet with the supplier, Aldrin G. Garlan of Telemechanique Enterprises Construction and Telepower Company. Those who would like to proceed may contact the supplier at telephone #s 252-1017, 255-4495, 252-3214.

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