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Ma. Luisa C. Segovia

T2C is the coined acronym for "Train To Connect," Caltex Philippines, Inc.’s modular training course on 12 subjects:

  • Customer Service

  • Safety

  • Forecourt

  • Circle Service

  • Customer Relations

  • Store

  • Point of Sale

  • Food Safety

  • Customer Connect

  • Product Knowledge

  • Selling 

  • Handling Armed Robbery.

In the Visayas, station staff, whether they are assigned to the forecourt, store or Starmart, service bays or express lubes, must pass the written T2C Exam to be certified CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTENDANTS.

Making the mark as a Certified CSA means that half the battle has been won in the never-ending Quest for Service Excellence and the station’s success in the Customers First contest. New hires who get certified pave the way for better overall team performance. They oftentimes edge or beat over-staying permanent staff who cannot seem to muster enough discipline and consistency of required protocol.

Filling the performance gap between theory and practice is much easier if the staff has undergone the T2C training. It is one more management tool in the fight to eliminate mediocrity in the workforce.

Every retailer who is asked, "What Drives You?" should aptly respond

"Train to Connect for Customer Delight!"


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